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journalist testimonial

Journalist relations form a key part of Caroline's work, playing a vital role in the communication of her clients' work and values to their wider target audiences.

Caroline always creates media data with journalists - and the needs, priorities and timescales of each individual publication - in mind.

It’s rare these days to meet such a forward-thinking PR representative. Caroline is one of the best in the business, who really understands what journalists want and what clients need in order to amplify their services.'

(Hamish Kilburn, Editor, Hotel Designs)


'Caroline Collett is a consummate professional and an absolute joy to work with across the architecture and design sector. Her clients are the cream of the crop when it comes to producing stunning editorial and I often call upon their expertise to give well-rounded and thought-provoking answers to my design questions. Caroline is at the centre of this; she is totally in tune with my requests as an editor and always goes the extra mile to ensure we have the very best content from her clients. Working with Caroline is both reassuring and exciting, inevitably always producing first class content for our publications.'

(Jade Tilley, Editor, Interior Design Today / Interior Design Yearbook / Architects' Choice)


'We work with design offices from all over the world and if there was a global competition for PR consultants, Caroline would definitely win! We've worked with Caroline for quite a few years now on our international residential design magazine 'Home & Interior' and this partnership is really nice for us. We always get very comprehensive materials very quickly. I wish every design firm had such a professional PR!'

(Elena Boreyko, Artist Relations Manager, Home & Interior, Russia)


'Caroline's creativity, reliability and accuracy make publishing work for her clients a smooth and enjoyable process which enables me to publish engaging and knowledgeable content perfectly suited to our readership. It is a pleasure to work with Caroline.'

(Alys Bryan, Editor, Design Insider)


'Caroline Collett communicates in a very brilliant way. I love to receive press materials from her because she makes my life easier!'

(Luisa Castiglioni, Editor, DHD, Italy)


'Good PRs are hard to find but they make a huge difference to the work of any journalist. Caroline is a great PR: her communication is direct, incisive, prompt, open and positive. She manages what can often be a tricky juggling act with a calm and cheerful professionalism. If only all PRs were the same.'

(Kate Burnett, design journalist, founder of STUDIO and former Editor, idFX)


'To my mind the best PRs know when to call and when to leave you in peace. They know if a story is genuinely relevant to your magazine or if emailing that press release would simply be wasting everyone's time. Having worked with Caroline for over a decade, I have no hesitation in saying she knows exactly when to pick up the phone or press the send button.'

(Grant Gibson, design commentator, former Editor of CRAFTS and Blueprint)


'As the editor of a B2B publication that features commercial interior design projects across the Middle East and globally, I'm always eager to work with PRs that know how to cut the fluffy language and get to the point. And Caroline never fails to do that. Her press releases are concise and informative. Whether it is a new retail store in Lebanon or a family owned hotel in London that has just been refurbished, Caroline understands the essence of a well-written design walk-through. In fact, I've shared some of her press releases with other PRs as a good example of how to promote interior design projects.'

(Marina Mrdjen-Petrovic, editor of Commercial Interior Design magazine, Middle East)


‘I cannot express how much easier you have made the task of writing these wonderful projects. With most of the other homes abroad that come our way, I usually have to approach the designers with a long list of questions, asking for more information and quotes. But with your projects, there is no need for that. The details in the press release and write-ups are exceptionally useful, especially without the luxury of actually visiting the homes or interviewing the designers face-to-face.’

(Lynn Tan, design and automotive writer, Singapore)


'Caroline Collett PR Ltd is an extremely thorough and on-the-ball agency. Agencies like this make all the difference when you're working to deadlines'

(Stirling Johnstone, Editor, GS Magazine, UK)


'Caroline has been a wonderful source for overseas projects for the various magazines in my stable, providing me with relevant stories and great photography. Caroline has always facilitated the gathering and presentation of material on time, which in the fast-paced world of magazines has made dealing with her such a pleasure'

(Kate St James, Managing Editor, Contemporary Home Design & Living Series, Australia)


'Caroline understands her clients' strengths and knows how best to communicate these to our readers. We've covered many of her stories, which are always written in an accurate, lively and well-informed way.'

(Richard Sutton, Editor, BfL, UK)


'For MONITOR, as a content-focused magazine aimed primarily at architecture and design professionals, our ongoing co-operation with Caroline is one of our luckiest ones. Upon receiving a news release composed by Caroline, you get a complete understanding of the project - not just the general idea, but also a wealth of other information, complete with concrete examples, that helps us evaluate the innovativeness and other qualities of the reported design work. To me, this is a real mark of professionalism, a real understanding of the PR's role as a medium between designer and design press - and shows a deep knowledge of the subject.'

(Anna Yudina, Editor, MONITOR, Russia)


'It's always a pleasure to work with Caroline Collett! Her professional attitude towards work and her prompt responses every time greatly improve our own efficiency. The most important thing is that you can always find her whenever you need something.'

(Ellen Shaw, English Editor in Charge, Modern Decoration Magazine, China)